Building on over 100 years of the Wits School of Mining foundations, the Centre for Sustainability in Mining and Industry (CSMI) was launched in 2005. The WMI offers an established programme of research facilitated by research leads that supervise MSc and PhD students, supported by a network of associates. Now with edge-leading technology research and experientially-sensitive approaches to stakeholder engagement, the WMI stands cognisant in our present, reimaging new futures.

Carrying the mantle of over 100 years of mining research at Wits, the Wits Mining Institute (WMI) holds at its core the sustainable provision of minerals to support future wellbeing. Research, partnerships, events, and other activities are focused on contributing to the emergence of a 21st century innovative business model, through in-depth understanding of large multi-disciplinary and complex questions in the sector. Some of the complexities with which we are working are the well-being of mineworkers, the interaction between technology and humans, what responsible mining means in practice, and real-time reporting of critical information.

Our five centres investigate these questions, challenges and opportunities through different lenses, while developing the human and technological capacity to address them. A core team of dedicated research and administrative staff, students, associates and other thought-leaders across five centres are building a collaborative living laboratory for the development of people and technology. 

The Wits Mining Institute is a unique learning and development hub that investigates foundational insights for all mineral sector stakeholders. Gathering skills from a range of disciplines, the WMI facilitates the unearthing of innovative solutions for all involved in the sectors' future.

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